What was TeamSybase and Team iAnywhere

TeamSybase and Team iAnywhere were groups of highly skilled end-users of Sybase and iAnywhere products that support other end-users of those products in Sybase's forums. Members of TeamSybase and Team iAnywhere were not Sybase or iAnywhere employees (though they may keep their membership if they later become Sybase or iAnywhere employees). They were chosen by Sybase and iAnywhere to become TeamSybase or Team iAnywhere members based on their technical expertise with those products. TeamSybase and Team iAnywhere members had to possess strong product knowledge (in the newsgroup they support) and industry awareness. Although as a rule they were not usually Sybase or iAnywhere employees, TeamSybase and Team iAnywhere members had to represent the interests of Sybase and iAnywhere, their products and the forums in a positive, professional manner.

Member Requirements

Members of TeamSybase and Team iAnywhere were required to log on to the forums five days a week and spend as much time as possible (Sybase and iAnywhere recommend 1 hour minimum) on newsgroup-related work each of those days when the number of messages warrants it.<>

Member Benefits

  • Free pass to the International Sybase User Group Conference each year
  • Annual TeamSybase/Team iAnywhere meeting (including hotel, airfare, meals, give-aways)
  • Free copies of Sybase and iAnywhere products and manuals for the products that the member supports
  • Automatic entry into all Beta Programs for the products that the member supports
  • Access to selected Sybase Education resources
  • Miscellaneous give-aways

Aside from access to products and programs, TeamSybase and Team iAnywhere membership was something that you could leverage heavily both personally and professionally through product compensation and personal visibility.

Becoming a Member

Membership was by invitation only. People got invited because they get noticed. And people got noticed because they were acting as if they are already members. That is, the best way to have become a member was to start acting like one. Answer as many questions in the forums that you can, answer questions that haven't already been answered, answer them correctly and answer them courteously and you would eventually be considered for membership.

Contacting TeamSybase and Team iAnywhere

Because TeamSybase and Team iAnywhere members spent a considerable amount of time in the forums answering questions in addition to their own jobs, they were unable to additionally respond to requests for assistance by email. Please limit requests for technical assistance and follow-ups to such requests to the newgroups. Thank you notes via email are appreciated though.

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